Decode Mk1

Decode Mk1

Facts and figures

Decode Mk1
  • Wingspan: 3.5 m
  • Maximum take-off weight: 10 kg
  • Power plant: 1 x twin cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine
  • Payload: 2 kgs
  • Used to test novel control surfaces.


The Decode Mk1 aircraft is a monoplane with a twin cylinder four-stroke engine and pusher 3-bladed propeller. The forward fuselage contains the avionics whilst the rear section holds the propulsion systems. The wings and tail assembly are attached to main fuselage body. Twin booms support the horizontal stabiliser and two vertical stabilisers. It has a fixed shock-absorbing tricycle undercarriage with front-wheel steering.

The wings were designed to be easily changeable, allowing different control methods to be tested. To date tests have been performed using conventional ailerons, tiperons and warping wings as roll control methods. Below there are some photos from these tests.