Soton UAV Calendar

Just a quick note...

Above is our calendar showing our planned flight tests and other important arrangements. If you wish to join us at one of our flight tests please contact us at least a week in advance. This is so that we can ensure your safety on the airfield and provide you with further details and instructions. Also, please dress appropriately with regards to the weather: wind chill is a serious threat in the colder months, and sunburn/sunstroke is equally as serious in the warmer months.

Please note the following if you are joining us on a flight test:

  • Generally, we will select a group of days in advance then, closer to the time, we will choose the one with the most favourable weather conditions.
  • Cancellation can occur with little or no warning either due to poor weather or technical issues that might arise.
Therefore, we advise you to check this calendar the evening before your visit for confirmation the flight is going ahead.